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Criag Turner

Senior and Certified General Real Estate Appraiser

The study of historic and contemporary architecture, urban studies, real estate, economics and history and working at real estate industry related jobs with banking, property management and architectural firms in Queens, New York City, including Greenpoint Savings Bank (Flushing), Quadrangle Realty Services (Little Neck) and Designer’s Quad, Inc. (Long Island City).


Appraisal work experience as a senior appraiser/analyst or cosultant with international valuation firms Hilco Real Estate Appraisal, Inc. and Integra Realty Resources, Inc.; regional valuation firms in New York City, the Hudson Valley and Long Island including Pompeo & Mulle, Inc. and its successor Diversified Valuation Group, Inc. (Brooklyn and Manhattan), Hubbell Realty Resources, Inc. (Poughkeepsie), RD Gernomio, Ltd. And RDNYC Corp. (Mineola and Manhattan); and national engineering and management consulting firm Moreland Altobelli Associates, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.


Management and ownership interests have included NYC Appraisals LLC (Bayside), Real Property Consulting Group (Rock Hill and Atlanta) and Appraisal Analytics LLC (Manhattan).


Mr. Turner is currently licensed as a Ceritified General Real Estate Appraiser in the State of New York and was previously licensed (expired) in the commercial insurance industry as a property and casualty insurance agent and adjuster with the commercial lines coverage specialist designation (CLCS) from the Hartford School of Insurance. Mr. Turner has qualified and testified as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Kings.

Mr. Turner joined R.D. Geronimo LTD. on June 30, 2010.


St. John’s University (NAIFA)
(R1) Principles of Real Estate Appraising
(R2) Market Data Analysis
Ethics & Standards of Professional Practice

Long Island University, CPW Post (REI)
(R3) Narrative Report Writing
(R4) 1-4 Family Income Capitalization

McKissock (Continuing Education)
National USPAP (Update) 2014-2015
Appraising FHA Today
Ad Valorem Tax Consultation
Introduction to Expert Witness Testimony
Appraising and Analyzing Office Building for Mortgage Underwriting
Construction Details and Trends
Foundations in Sustainability: Greening the Real Estate and Appraisal Industries
Environmental Issues for Appraisers
Appraisal Applications of Regression Analysis
Land and Site Valuation
Advanced Hotel Appraising-Full Service Hotels
Appraisal of Land Subject to Ground Leases
Appraisal of Self Storage Facilities

New York University(REI)
(G1) Introduction to Income Capitalization
(G2) Principles of Income Property Apparising
(G3) Applied Income Property Valuation
Current Issues in Real Estate
Hotel Investment and Valuation

Appraisal Institute (Courses & Seminars)
(330) Apartment Appraisal: Concepts and Applications
(400) National USPAP
(410) National USPAP (Update)
(510) Advanced Income Capitalization
(520) Highest & Best Use and Market Analysis
(530) Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches
(550) Advanced Application
AQ1-“Fair Housing, Fair Lending and Environmental Issues”
Appraisal of Local Retail Properties
Analyzing Distressed Real Estate
Discounted Cash Flow Model: Concepts, Issues and Applications
Distressed & Depressed Real Estate: Have We Digressed?
Distressed Debt & Foreclosure
East Side, West Side, All Around Midtown
Fall Reveals the True Colors
 Real Estate Investing & Development A Valuation Perspective
9/11: World Trade Center Ten Years Later
National USPAP (Update) 2016-2017
Practical Highest and Best Use
Business Practices and Ethics


NYS Certified General Appraiser – License #46000048260

NYS Qualified General Real Estate Appraiser Instructor

Previously licensed as a Certified General Real Property Appraiser in Connecticut, Georgia and
South Carolina.

Craig has completed appraisal and consulting services for a variety of mortgage lending, federal and local governmental entities, and private clients. Appraisal assignments have included office buildings, shopping centers, churches, industrial buildings, subdivision developments, proposed construction, commercial, industrial and residential land, estate and divorce appraisals, conservation easements, partial interests, tax certiorari, market and rent studies, right-of-way

(ROW), condemnation and eminent domain for public works projects. Mr. Turner is working towards completing the Appraisal Institute requirements for the MAI designation.

158 Third Street
Mineola, New York 11501
Tel: (516) 294-8600
Fax: (516) 294-8804

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