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About Us

About Us

At R.D. Geronimo LTD. our visions are in tandem with our clients: business growth and customer service in a pre-established business relationship eliciting mutually beneficial results in a timely and cost-effective manner.


R.D. Geronimo LTD. looks outside the numbers and their residual effect on our validated conclusions. Such factors as assured income, credit risk, collections and arrears, evolving trends, asset class, real property interest, stress and debt coverage ratio analysis, are all considered under the scope of work and valuation problem.

At R.D. Geronimo LTD., we place our clients and work product as our primary priority. Our 30 years of success is based on our collective diligence, pride of authorship, team efficiencies, and our extensive data resources. In doing so, we serve a broad base of clients and industries covering a wide spectrum of real property valuations and litigation support.


The principal’s real estate expertise spans over 4 decades, covering such diversified areas as real estate appraising and consulting, mortgage financing, secondary commercial mortgage market transactions, real property management and development, asset recovery valuations and real estate leasing.  The formation of

R. D. Geronimo LTD. (in October of 1985) capitalizes on these extensive resources, providing our clients with the highest level of personalized professional service.

Our corporate office is equipped with state of the art technology and communication systems, with the latest in analytical and presentation software, enabling our clients to draw upon the resources and backgrounds of our full service appraisal organization.

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