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Litigation Services

Litigation Services

Mr. DiGeronimo is qualified as an expert witness in the Federal and Supreme Courts of New York and New Jersey, as well as the U.S. Tax Courts of Washington, D.C.  He has testified in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts of Wilmington, Delaware; Eastern & Southern District, Brooklyn, New York; Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York; Central District of California; District of Massachusetts, Springfield Division; District of Connecticut, Bridgeport Division; and the District of Maryland, Rockville Division.  Mr. DiGeronimo has extensive experience in tax certiorari and condemnation valuations and their respective proceedings.

RD Geronimo LTD. provides the following Litigation Services:

•  Eminent Domain Valuations
•  Tax Certiorari

•  Matrimonial Valuations
•  Bankruptcy  
•  Partnership Dissolution
•  Adverse Possession & Easement Arbitration
•  Title Claims
•  General Real Estate Arbitration
•  Expert Testimony
•  Property Damage Assessment: Before & After Value


       •  Investment Advisory Services
       •  Trust and Estates
       •  Valuation of Telecommunication Towers & Cell Sites


Relevant Tax Certiorari Court Decisions:

600 West John, LLC - Tax Rate Decision - June 10th, 2008
Roosevelt Field Mall Decision - July 25th, 2008
Eckerd Corporation Decision - October 25, 2007

North Shore Country Club - Golf Course Decision - 2005
The New Country Club of Garden City - Golf Course Decision - 1991
Jo-Be Properties, LLC Decision - February 8, 2010

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