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Appraisal Services

Valuation and Appraisal Services

Residential Development

Market studies and appraisals on large tracts of unimproved land slated for future residential, condominium, and/or multi family development incorporating several valuation techniques, including land development models, net and gross sellout forecasts and relative pricing/absorption levels.

Industrial Development

Market studies and appraisals on large tracts of industrial land slated for future development as industrial parks

Commercial Development

Commercial real estate market analysis in specified areas determining potential for development and/or re-use with a strong emphasis on density, FAR calculations, end use, and trade area demographics


Analysis, market study and appraisal of large scale projects for development with commercial, residential, and industrial components

Senior & Assisted Living

Analysis, feasibility and demographic studies focusing on use, pricing & aging profiles

Office/Financial Buildings:

Multi-Tenanted Properties
Appraisal and market studies on existing or proposed office buildings in both suburban and central business district locations with a strong emphasis on labor & employment trends

Single-Tenant Properties
Analysis and appraisals of office buildings occupied by a single tenant, owner-occupied and leased, in both suburban and central business district locations

Industrial Properties:

Flex Space
Market studies and appraisals on both new and existing flex properties giving consideration to specific design aspect of the space, its tenancy, rental potential & market position

Warehouse/IndustrialFlex Space
Market studies and appraisals on warehouse properties, reflecting the importance of items such as access, ceiling heights, office ratio, functional utility and loading facilities


Special Purpose Facilities
Analysis and valuation of special purpose properties focusing on their specialized use and market concentration under various valuation approaches applicable to the specific asset under appraisal.

Distribution Facilities, Market Studies and Appraisals of large distribution facilities (FedEx,USPS, etc.)

Residential Properties:

Rental Apartment Buildings

Appraisals and market studies on existing rental apartment buildings reflecting the impact, when applicable, on value of rent control laws, tax abatements and exemptions, unit sizes, location and tenant turnover, excess development rights, etc.

Cooperative Buildings

Analysis and appraisals of cooperatively-owned apartment buildings to establish value for financing purposes, gross and net sellout analyses, rental fallback, and rental vs. maintenance fee cash flow

Condominium Apartments

Analysis of market demand and appraisals of individually owned condominium apartments from  development to gross sellout, including net bulk value and rental fallback

Conversion of Rental Buildings

Market studies and appraisals of rental apartment buildings determining feasibility of conversion to cooperative or condominium ownership

Mitchell Lama & Section 8

Market studies and appraisals focusing on existing use, contract covenants and/or market rental conversion potential, mark-to-market rental studies under HUD guidelines.


Property Types

Office and Hotel Property
Market study, analysis and valuation of existing office and hotel developments in both suburban and central business district locations

Retail & Residential

Analysis of market demand and appraisals of existing retail and residential property and their respective allocation of revenues and occupancy

Office and Retail Property
Market study, analysis and valuation of existing office and retail property, reflecting on the potential impact on value of the mixed-use aspect of the project, tenant mix, and prospective turnover risk/benefits

Retail Properties:

Community & Neighborhood Centers
Analysis of market and consumer demand, trade area characteristics, tenant mix and valuation of existing or proposed retail centers

Credit Tenancy
Analysis of specific credit tenancy, rating and valuation with a strong emphasis on rate selection and market pricing

Market Studies:

Residential Property
Market study and analysis of demand for proposed mid to high-rise apartment buildings as a rental property or condominium project. Market study and analysis of market demand for proposed development of single-family homes and condominium housing studies, rental fallback criteria, age restricted housing studies, gross and net sellout models, and demand absorption analysis, etc.

Private Day Schools / Camps

In depth analysis of school and camp enrollments, market extracted indices, including GIM's and overall cap rates; alternative use analysis in conjunction with value in use and enterprise value. 

Industrial Property
Market study and analysis of market demand for a proposed industrial development or flex space conversion

Special-Use Property
Analysis of market demand for an existing mixed-use marina/residential development, cell towers, contaminated property, gasoline service stations, houses of worship, schools, day camps, catering halls,  conservation and agricultural easements, etc.


Mixed-Use Property

Analysis, market studies and appraisals of large scale planned projects for commercial, residential, industrial and office developments

Specific Services

Specialized Projects:

Portfolio Valuation
Appraisal of a real estate investment portfolio containing multiple properties

Investment Analyses
Analysis of potential real estate investments, reflecting return requirements, risk analysis, overall feasibility

Special-Use Property
Value-in-use analysis of special use properties, including hotels, churches, marinas, nursing homes, assisted living, movie theaters, car washes, gasoline service stations, car dealerships, farms, schools,  camps, banquet and catering facilities.

Trust and Estate

Capability to complete large portfolio assignments throughout the country through our Appraisal Institute affiliation.

Eminent Domain Analysis
Valuation and consulting analysis specifically oriented to full or partial takings, direct and consequential damages, litigation support and testimony

Mark-to-Market Rental Studies

Appraisal/consulting services for various governmental agencies and private clients in establishing current mark-to-market rent levels on Section 8 projects, NYC Housing, GSA, USPS, etc., on apartments, office and retail properties.

Leasehold and Ground Lease Analysis

Valuation analysis focuses on the specific interest being appraised, any applicable leasehold advantage, structure of leasehold/ground lease and remaining term, and discussion of various risk elements and rates of return as applied to each interest.

Valuation Review
Valuation procedures and techniques employed in real estate appraisal reviews, including field inspection of subject and comparable properties typically prepared for major lending institutions, law firms and litigation support

Partial Interest
Valuation of partial equity interest in real estate property reflecting the value impact created by the partitioning of the equity or ownership interest

Tax Certiorari
Valuation and consulting analysis specifically oriented to assessment appeals, negotiation and litigation support and testimony  

Litigation Support
Appraisal/consulting services and assistance in examination of witnesses, as well as expert witness testimony and arbitration support

Insurable Value

Performed on Residential and Commericial properties in compliance with the FEMA requirements and lending guidelines. 

Excel or Argus
Detailed DCF analysis and sensitivity studies prepared under an array of valuation assumptions and market indices utilizing MicroSoft Excel or Argus

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